What We Believe

As a homeowner, dealing with a Property Owners Association Board that doesn't seem to share the same vision as the rest of the community can be frustrating. Unfortunately, our current Board has lost the trust of many homeowners due to their lack of transparency and communication. That's why we, Don Moore and Chris Barajas, are running for positions on the Board of Directors, and we need your support to make it happen.

Critical documents are difficult to access, and homeowners' concerns are ignored. The Board is unwilling to allow proposals to be put to a community vote, which has led to a significant division in our community. We need new leadership that is open and transparent in their decision-making and communication. Only then can we heal the division and move forward as a united community.

This year, the US Government posted the Cost of Living at a 3.2 percent increase, and POA dues increased from $1,173 to $1,395, a 19% increase. This increase provides little benefit to most property owners and results from uncontrolled spending and no restrictions on the Board of Directors. This hardship can be difficult to absorb, especially for fixed-income people.

Open spaces should not be sold off. We need to put in place mandates to protect these spaces from development. Owners who purchase homes with open spaces should not have to worry that someday buildings will obstruct their views. Once the land is gone, it's gone forever.

It's crucial that property owners have a meaningful voice in shaping our community. If there's a desire for a Club House, it's only fair that homeowners have a say in its design and location. Similarly, decisions such as relocating the POA management office from a centralized location to a spot behind security gates, which would limit public access, should be made with the active participation of property owners. This level of involvement not only empowers homeowners but also fosters a stronger sense of community ownership.

The community needs a strong and conservative budget that incorporates disaster planning and is clear and concise. All aspects of the budget should be easily available to homeowners.

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